Collection: Natural earthenware

The color of Des Rêves earthenware is that of the natural earthenware that we prepare. We do not use any dyes or tinted enamel to give this cream color to our pieces.

Our earthenware pieces are made from natural and sustainable components.
The biscuit is made from 100% earthenware.

The enamel we apply is transparent and suitable for food use. It meets European standards, that is to say without lead or cadmium.

These pieces are made by hand in our workshop in Desvres. Our earthenware is unique and made in the purest tradition of the Desvres earthenware factories of yesteryear.

All manufacturing stages are carried out in the workshop using the casting method in plaster molds.

Each product is unique. In the context of artisanal manufacturing, it is possible that slight color variations exist on the same model.